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Wedding Videography Is Worth The Investment

While appreciating your wedding day as it finally arrives, it is impossible to witness every special moment during your day, and as memories start to fade, what better way to preserve those than in your own wedding cinematography.

Sometimes, there are loved ones who can’t grace your wedding with their presence or friends scattered across the globe. A wedding video bridges this distance, allowing them to experience the emotions, laughter, and love as if they were right beside you. 

Our wedding videography packages are an investment to be treasured. Whether you’re seeking a wedding videography package tailored for destination weddings, elopements, or intimate micro-weddings, the memories and special moments captured by our videographers are simply priceless.


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the essentials

£ 1700

Incl. VAT

Our top wedding videographer dedicates 6 hours to chronicle the essence of your day. This video package includes:

This package does not include your full ceremony and speeches incl. audio

the deluxe

£ 2100

Incl. VAT

Two seasoned wedding videographers ensure up to 8 hours of your special day remains timeless. This package offers:

the ultimate

£ 2500

Incl. VAT

Two top-tier wedding videographers give you up to 10 hours of unmatched filming. This comprehensive videography package includes:

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