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Hi, I’m Cal and I’m an award-winning cinematic wedding videographer. I would love to tell your story and capture your wedding day.

Since I was a young boy I have been fascinated by the magic of films and storytelling. I’d always be instantly captured by the feelings and emotions portrayed on screen.

When I’m not filming weddings, I work as a professional videographer and award-winning filmmaker. When I’m not working I love to spend time with my wife, friends and family.
Hi, I’m Julia and I will be your point of contact for the day, letting the videographers concentrate on the technical bits.

As a second shooter, I make sure we miss none of your special moments, grabbing all those delicate details on film. I’ll make sure you both look perfect for the video, adjusting your dress, suit, or hair. I will direct poses and make you laugh, there’s nothing better than natural smiles.

I have been known to assist with make-up, dresses, and any other SOS moments! I am always a helping hand whenever and however you need it.

Most importantly, I will answer any questions you have before or after your wedding day.
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Our story...

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Our love story timeline


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Our wedding

Planning our own wedding we fell in love with wedding planning and the wedding industry. Since then we are in love with love.
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wedding videos

As filmmakers by trade a few of our friends asked us to film their weddings. We loved the creativity and joy of wedding videography and played with the idea of taking it further than just for friends and family.
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At the end of 2019 we founded Grace & Motion and then 2020 happened. However, that didn’t stop us. As soon as the wedding industry was back we were at the ready with our cameras. As some of our clients told us, Julia is the “Grace“ of the business and Cal is the “Motion“.

Providing Lasting Memories

Our approach

As named Wedding Videographers of the Year 2021 at The Prestige Awards, our aim is to make your wedding video as unique as you. We have a passion for storytelling and we love bringing a pair’s journey to life through wedding cinematography. People, relationships, and connections fascinate us. We are in love with love.

Creating videography that you can watch back and feel like you are reliving the best day of your life is at the heart of what we do. We capture not just the event, but the emotion, we want you to not just watch your day again, but feel it again.

We recognise that no couple or wedding is like any other, we love that every client is different to the last. We work with you to illustrate your love story in your wedding video, turning your special day into your favourite film. A film that makes you feel something, portrays emotions. This is why weddings make the perfect cinematography.

In the movies, anything is possible, dreams can come true. The language of images makes the impossible possible. Every single aspect of the setting has meaning, the lighting sets the mood, it adds emotion. The setting and objects in it are vital to the story, it’s all about style and genre.

Our wedding videography achieves all of the above. It’s our job to capture the memories of your dream day and make them last forever. Telling your story, capturing the place, the people, but most of all, the feeling.

The creativity and style of a wedding is the most important part. It is authentic, it’s real, it is you. We capture all the special reactions, the moments to remember, ones you may miss on the day. It is a privilege to witness every couple’s greatest adventure, to capture you both making your biggest promise to one another.

Whilst we are filming your wedding video, you won’t even know we’re there, you can relax as we merge seamlessly into your day, totally engaged and soaked up in the moment of creating something magical for you.

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