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All you need to know

Our style is cinematographic. In a film, every single aspect of the setting has meaning, the lighting sets the mood, it adds emotion. The setting and objects in it are vital to the story, it’s all about style and the genre. This is a standard we work by, we love to create a fairy tale story for every couple.

Tell us about your favourite film, music track and we can work together to create your perfect wedding film.
It’s teamwork. The more specific you can be with what you imagine the better we can execute your brief. If you are unsure we can show you previous examples and different styles and chat through everything you want to know.

On the day, just be yourself. Enjoy your day, be super natural and relaxed. That’s what makes the best wedding video. We are very discreet, you won’t notice us.
Cal, our head videographer, has over 10 years experience. Our team of videographers are all experienced professionals.
Fortunately, this has never happened so far. But if it did, we have a list of wedding videographers we could contact as a backup that we confidently recommend. We trust in their work and that they would do an excellent job.
We have worked with different photographers in the industry. However, even if we haven’t worked with your photographer we get in touch with them beforehand and plan out the day together. We will both blend into your day, work as a team, be respectful of each other’s space and work.
We will have filmed at some venues already but we make sure that if possible we visit the venue or at least call the venue coordinator beforehand to get an idea of the space and light conditions. We like to be super prepared.
Yes, we definitely can. If you need recommendations we are more than happy to help and put you in contact with other suppliers wherever possible.
The bigger the camera the better is not our motto. We work with cinema-grade cameras that create the highest picture quality whilst not being too intrusive. Your wedding location is not a film set. We will blend in.
This is an option at an additional cost and is dependent on the wedding venue and availability. There are certain areas in which we are not allowed to shoot aerial footage in.
The second shooter is an extra eye for your day. We can cover two places at the same time, e.g. when getting ready. We can catch different angles and reactions that only one camera might miss.
We will dress smart to look like one of your guests. We make sure that we blend in and are not intrusive to your day. If you have a certain wedding theme feel free to ask us to dress accordingly.
Yes, if a couple has a specific song they would like to feature we can absolutely do that. If not we can also make suggestions.

And yes, you can of course ask for changes to the edit. It’s your film. You don’t like a specific shot, would like it to look more like your photos? Just let us know.
Yes, we do. We back everything up 3 times. The safety of your footage is our greatest priority.
We are willing to travel within the UK and overseas. Depending on start and end times, we will charge overnight accommodation (not a 5* luxury hotel) and extra travel costs, i.e. for flights. We won’t charge extra travel time but we need to ensure that we are fit and ready for your day or safe to drive home – this means a decent night’s sleep.

Within the UK from a 1.5+hr drive.

We will state this clearly when quoting you.

There are no hidden extra costs.

More Questions?