Antonia & joe

The sun was shining brightly as we arrived at the picturesque Thief Hall to film Antonia and Joe’s spring wedding. The venue glowed in the warm light, a perfect backdrop for the couple’s special day and a great start for us as filmmakers. As we set up, the joyful bride and groom greeted us, along with their cheerful wedding party. The staff at Thief Hall welcomed us like old friends, making sure we didn’t miss a single stunning shot.

From the moment Antonia walked down the aisle radiating joy, to the fun and warm-spirited reception, it was clear this occasion was filled with delight and love. We made sure to stay invisible, capturing each magical moment. As day softened into a golden sunset, the camera caught the couple silhouetted against a canvas of orange and pink.

It was an honor to document the love and sheer joy between Antonia and Joe and their family and friends surrounding them. The affection they shared was truly infectious. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful wedding to film.