Romantic Wedding Video Poses to Make You Shine

Looking relaxed, joyful, and natural on camera is key for wedding videos that exude romance and personality. As experienced Yorkshire wedding videographers at Grace & Motion Films, we share our favourite couples’ poses to make you shine in your cinematic wedding film.

Focus on Connection

Facing each other enhances intimacy and eye contact in the footage. Whether tenderly holding hands, embracing in a close hug, or gazing adoringly into each other’s eyes, connected poses portray your affection authentically. This builds true romance within candid wedding moments. For romantic wedding videos that capture the depth of your bond, we highly recommend incorporating connected poses.

Curate Flattering Angles

Posing your bodies at a slight angle to the camera flatters everyone. Facing forward directly toward the camera can distort proportions and feel rather unnatural. A 45-degree angle slims, elongates and adds depth and dimension. As your expert videographers, we’ll ensure to always catch you from your best, most flattering perspectives and angles.

Lift Your Chin

Position your chin parallel to the ground for a smoothed, defined neckline in your wedding video. Dropping your chin lower emphasises under-chin shadows and distorts the jawline unflatteringly. Practice maintaining your best-lifted chin pose for both still shots and moving footage. Our videography team will kindly remind you to keep your chin up!

Adjust Your Shoulders

Rolling your shoulders back and down makes your frame appear relaxed yet refined on camera. Hunched or slouched shoulders, unfortunately, read as tense and insecure on video. Maintaining open, confident postures will ensure you shine your brightest. We’ll be watching your poses to gently adjust shoulder positioning as needed.

Take Advantage of Cuddles

Few things say romance like cozy, loving embraces! Wrapping your arms affectionately around each other exudes warm, joyful vibes perfect for winter wedding videos. Go cheek-to-cheek, engage in a sweet smooch, sway in a tender hug, or nestle close as you blend seamlessly into one beautiful silhouette.

Play With Leading Lines

Incorporating clean lines in your poses adds depth and intriguing dynamics to your wedding images. Extending an arm directs viewers’ gaze and makes bodies appear longer and leaner within the video frame. Crisscrossing arms and legs create bold, eye-catching diagonal lines. Repeating pose patterns grabs interest.

Incorporate Usual Mannerisms

Authenticity rules when it comes to posing and interactions! Feel free to incorporate any of your signature habitual gestures that you’d normally do together, like using cute pet names or inside jokes. Capturing those quirky, unplanned natural interactions truly spotlights both your personalities.

Take Movement Cues

Flowing smoothly into varied poses comes more easily when taking cues from the movement itself. Try dancing a lively spin into a dip, landing a playful jump right into a warm embrace, or racing joyfully into each other’s arms. We’ll capture these active transitions between poses seamlessly.

Walk in Step

Strolling hand-in-hand – especially during your ceremony exit – adds an undeniably classic, romantic vibe. To achieve this, make sure to coordinate your gaits and footwork to stay perfectly in sync.

Move With the Music

If dancing together at your wedding reception, let the music guide you into fun, lively joint movements! Sway, spin, dip, and even lift each other for dynamic action shots.

Give Loving Looks

The adoring way you two gaze at each other truly says it all. Exchange long adoring looks, smile tenderly into each other’s eyes, and give knowing glances – these loving expressions captured on camera will highlight your remarkable romance.

The Best Pose is Being Yourself

Above all, remain relaxed, laugh together, and have fun! A comfortable, joyful natural attitude will come through beautifully on camera. You don’t have to overthink posing – just be your authentic selves and we’ll handle capturing it artfully through videography.


Let our Yorkshire wedding videography team at Grace & Motion Films guide you in flattering poses tailored just for you when crafting your bespoke wedding film. Please contact us to capture your special romance in heartfelt video form!


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