How To Make A Good Wedding Video? Top Tips From A Professional Wedding Videographer

If you’ve made your way here, chances are you know capturing wedding memories through a video is the perfect way to preserve them for years to come. But, creating wedding videos isn’t as simple as setting up a camera and pressing record. Videography for weddings is a specific skill set and we’ve compiled our top tips for creating the most stunning films.

Do Your Research

Before it’s time to start filming, talk to the couple, the wedding photographer, and anyone else involved in the key elements of the day to understand the couple’s vision and what the day will look like. Knowing their preferences and expectations will guide your filming approach.

Capture the Small Details

It’s safe to say making a wedding video is a unique challenge, as you want to capture all the important points without being intrusive. A wedding video is not just about capturing the big moments though. Although you’ll want to capture the ceremony, speeches, and confetti throwing, you need to focus on the smaller details that make the day unique. Capturing the emotions of the couple’s family and friends, the decor, wedding cake, and other aesthetics work really well.

Utilise a Gimbal

Equipment makes a huge difference to the quality of your work and what level of footage you can achieve. A gimbal allows you to move the camera without worrying about shaky footage, ideal when you’re following the couple or wedding procession, ensuring every moment and movement looks beautifully shot and professional.

Use Multiple Cameras

Having more than one camera operator, whether it’s another camera, drone, or gimbal for dynamic shots, allows you to get more creative with your footage and provides more options, resulting in a more immersive viewing experience for your client later on.

Establish the Right Lighting

Planning and researching ahead of time are crucial here. Understanding the venue layout helps in determining when and how to capture specific moments. Weather conditions can be unpredictable, so being prepared to adapt and think creatively on the day is essential. Ensure you have proper lighting equipment for indoor shots and capitalise on natural light, especially the magic golden hour glow for outdoor scenes.

Audio Considerations

Clear audio is essential for a compelling wedding video. Make sure to capture the vows, speeches, and ambient sounds effectively. Use high-quality microphones and recorders to ensure crisp, clear audio throughout the day.

Storyboarding and Shot Composition

Storyboard key sequences and plan shot compositions to create a cohesive narrative. Focus on capturing emotions, interactions, and details that tell the couple’s story. Good composition enhances the visual appeal and storytelling of your film.

Manage Your Equipment

Choose and maintain equipment such as cameras, lenses, microphones, and lighting that suit different settings and scenarios. Ensure you have backups and are familiar with all gear before the wedding day. Check everything thoroughly to avoid any technical issues on the day.

Post-Production Techniques

Editing is where your vision comes to life. Perform colour correction, grading, and use cinematic techniques like slow-motion and time-lapse to enhance the final video. Use professional software to streamline your editing process and maximise the quality of your footage.

Client Collaboration and Feedback

Engage with clients throughout the process, from initial consultation to final delivery. Incorporate their feedback to create a video that reflects their personalities and meets their expectations. Clear communication and collaboration are key to a successful final product.

Legal and Contractual Considerations

Ensure you have necessary contracts, permissions, and agreements in place. Respect copyright laws and obtain permissions for filming at venues or using copyrighted music. Clear legal agreements protect both you and your clients.


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